Choosing the Right Landscape Plant Nursery

From ornamental plants to trees, it all begins with carefully chosen plants for your dream landscape. However being lost in rows of greenery in a big box store cannot be compared to an organized and well stocked local plant nursery. On the other hand, a landscape plant nursery provides a carefully chosen fine stock, the specialists’ advice, and numerous recommendations regarding the implementation of your idea into a successful project.

What Landscape Plant Nurseries Offer

Some of the primary sources of plants include landscape plant nurseries that deal with plants that are well adapted to the climate and soils of a particular region. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Extensive Selection: Growing from flowering perennials, to majestic trees and stunning shrubberies, landscape plant nurseries provide a range of wholesome plants best suited to your landscape requirements.
  • Expert Staff: Skilled and informed employees can help you with your queries and concerns, guide you regarding what kind of plants can create the desired effect and where to plant them, and also provide directions regarding the planting and nurturing of the plants in your area.
  • Healthy and Established Plants: Most of the landscape plant nurseries exist to serve the customer hence sourcing your plants from them place your new additions in the right hands which are experienced in plant care and maintenance.

Planning Your Visit to a Landscape Plant Nursery

To maximize your experience at a landscape plant nursery, follow these tips:

  • Do Your Research: Determine the type of plants you are considering for your landscaping and turn to the specifics of how that kind of plant requires sunlight and water.
  • Consider Your Landscape Design: For any specific landscaping plan you have in mind, it would be helpful to carry a photocopy of it so that the people handling the nursery can guide you on the kind of plants you need.
  • Know Your Soil Type: Familiarizing yourself with your land type is very important in that regard because it will enable you to know the kind of plants that can grow well in your land. Some nurseries may provide soil testing as one of their services to the clients.

Additional Services Offered

Many landscape plant nurseries offer additional services beyond just selling plants:

  • Landscape Design Consultation: In still other cases, some nursery[s] have in-house landscape designers who can help you with the layout of your compound and shape your compound to your desired look.
  • Planting Services: Offer of planting in large projects, some nurseries have a planting service or tree cutting service to boost the plants by placing them properly and to increase survival rate.
  • Delivery: Some nurseries even have provisions for delivering the plants and these are important especially when one is buying lumbering plants or plants that require special conveyance.


When it comes to designing a beautiful and healthy garden or landscape many people do not realize how useful nurseries that specialize in plants for the landscape are. You may also note that if you are still in doubt on whether or not to have a particular tree removed, perhaps you can seek the assistance of a certified arborist for consultation on tree cutting or any other effective way of dealing with the tree in question.

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